Sunday, 15 November 2015

Suzette the Homewrecker

Finally Suzette got some walls and a roof on her house. This is her first shed house. Compact and bijou. 

She worked her way up the career track with Painting. Soon bashing out the masterpieces with the best of them.

Once Suzette hit Adult, she set out to find herself a mate. Unfortunately the list of available suitors wasn't great. Some guy called JJ became a friend however he had the "Non-Committal" trait which I felt was probably a bad idea. She cultivated a few other friendships but the only one that kept ringing and calling round was Clive Lewis, a very sexy townie, but married to Somebody or other Spencer-Kim.

I decided to go with it as it seemed to be that they were establishing a real connection. So I had them go away on holiday. They were hitting it off well and had the first kiss soon followed by the first woohoo.  Strangely Clive suddenly went home in the middle of the getaway so Suzette decided to go home as well but she called him when she got home.... but he was busy!

However she called him again later and he came right over... A few more kisses and a woohoo later and she encourage him to leave his spouse. He did, but was then Very Sad for about two days.

He soon got over it.

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